Voice Talent, and where it comes from. New at The NeverHood Show!

Hey everyone, it’s about midnight on Thursday September 23rd. Talk about a long day! We (The team at The NeverHood Show) took on the task of seeking out some NEW UNIQUE sounds and voices for the broadcast. As an Actor myself, I should have known it would not be easy.

About 9am (PST) the post went up on “CL” (Which, personally, I would never use) But Yolanda, the Programming Director said that was what we were going to do, so I guess that was that. At about 9:15am, the E-Mail’s started pouring in from ALL OVER THE PLACE. (We had said in the post that we are based in Redondo Beach/Los Angeles, but that didn’t matter) They came in from Canada, England, Montana, Florida, It was for a simple VOICE OVER GIG..a recording that will play in every episode of the show now that the Re-Vamp and Up-Graded Format is in place. It also said in bold, THIS IS NOT A PAID JOB.

Yet hundreds STILL sent reels, audio samples, links and hopeful wishes. FROM EVERYWHERE.

I hate to keep people waiting, we answered every E-Mail by hand (Because I hate that automated shit some people use!) and archived EVERY submission, Name, Telephone Number and Reel/Demo, after all, that’s what I would hope someone would do with mine.

In the end, frankly, it was really hard. It’s easy to say YES but much harder to say NO, and there always tend to be more NO’s Then Yes’s. I have been rejected so many times, I guess in a way, I wish I could hire EVERYONE. Two were chosen, Matt Howell, who we welcome into the NeverHood Family as our LEAD Announcer/MC.

Also we wish to thank Allie Bethea into the fold as our Segue/New Segment “Voice”.

You all are going to LOVE them both, and it’s going to bring a NEW fresh and UNIQUE sound to the NeverHood, Thanks Matt and Allie, we look forward to a GREAT season. It’s an all NEW NeverHood Folks.

Sadly, there were so many that applied. Some were FAB, others not so Fab…as a special mention, I would like to thank Alex Querna, a GREAT Voice Over Artist, and his E-Mail address is alex@alexquerna.com, he’s got a sound folks….if you need a talented artist, he’s damm good! Also I would like to thank Kevin Mackley, kevin@mycompanychannel.com, you PROVED to us that You Tube is MORE than just junk, there is some REAL talent out there. Also, Mr. Jerry Levinson, a WELL RESPECTED Voice Over Artist, and Andrew Danish….geeze man, so much Talent, call THIS guy, visit his web site at Andrewdanish.com.

There are so many more, but THESE folks, under pressure, got a reel to us QUICK and more than that, they COMMUNICATED the spirit of what we are doing here at the show.

It’s a hard act to follow,

You never know where the talent will come from, in THIS case, we posted a request to CraigsList for Los Angeles, and ended up with the BEST in Montana, and the FINEST from NYC!

I guess the “BackYard” is a little bigger these days, perhaps, if we all “Cast Our Net’s” a little further, we might get over that “Block” in our heads, as well as the block we live on.

-Ethan Tudor W.

Actor/Host “The NeverHood Show” at Blog Talk Radio


About Ethan Tudor W.

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