Hollywood, and what it means to me.

I admit, I had a WHOLE bolg in my head, an EPIC Write….but I must admit, TODAY with Chuck McCann left me Speechless. 🙂 -Ethan

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Watch “Violent Femmes – FULL ALBUM” on YouTube

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Life as an Actor

Thank GOD I’m an Actor…

Frankly, without THAT, I would simply be another guy talking to himself….so thanks to all of YOU that keep me from going Bat-Shit Crazy.

So much to talk about, so many NEW thing’s…and I’m sure it’s the same way in YOUR life. You only have so much time! But if you follow my Blog, I PROMISE to update!! And UPDATE a LOT! God Bless, Merry Christmas -Ethan Tudor W.

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Millions seized in fraud case poured into strengthening local police agencies

Oh Come ON!


[ooyala code=”5lZnhxaTre_M3IbtATZ8JIv0ApsRFab_” player_id=”6c21d43b06ee4460a29e40d9542c86ae”]On Friday the 13th it was a shooting at a Denver high school, just eight miles from Columbine, where in 1999 thirteen people were killed and 24 injured.

Then Monday a man opened fire at a medical center in Reno, killing two and injuring two.

Those just two violent situations have played out across the country in the last week.

There was also recently a panic at American University when an eyewitness reported a man with a gun on. Authorities put the Washington college on lockdown as officers swarmed out to look for him. After two hours, it turned out that the alleged gunman was an off-duty officer from the Metropolitan Police Department.

Virginia Commonwealth University, at 144 acres, is a massive urban campus. The university is now the state’s largest four-year public institution and along with that comes one of the bigger campus police departments.


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Carytown New Year’s Eve Ball Raise cancelled



[ooyala code=”J0N2IwajoJ0K677AbopWWRa0xZiiqH4q” player_id=”6c21d43b06ee4460a29e40d9542c86ae”]

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)—The Byrd Theatre Foundation announced Wednesday that the beloved, but informal, tradition of the Carytown Ball Raise has been canceled this year, and put out a call for help finding a new place to host the event.

“After consultation with the Carytown Merchants Association and several to the community partners, it is clear that many in the Carytown and surrounding communities share serious concerns about the Ball Raise, “Melissa Savenko, President of the Byrd Theatre Foundation said in a release posted on Facebook.

“We are respectful of and share some of those concerns. While it saddens us to eliminate any festive element during such a celebratory time of year, our highest priority is the safety of patrons of the Byrd Theater, Carytown, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

[ooyala code=”gwZmowODqN_mwQReflkpB6R0sGfPq7gs” player_id=”6c21d43b06ee4460a29e40d9542c86ae”]

Local law enforcement has said that the event, which drew over 35,000 people last year, has…

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In “The Middle”

Well, it has been some time since I have written, so it feels kind of cozy to come back. As a Blogger, we have our up’s and down’s when it comes to writing, and sometimes life itself just get’s in the way. I have been busy, and I consider myself lucky as I see so many of my fellow industry people and peers out of work. I recently locked in a reoccurring role on the hit ABC/Warner Series, “The Middle”. I could not be happier, it’s been a LONG time since I was on a series. But what I forgot were the 4am wake ups for the 6am call time, the 12 to 14 hours a day on set, and then the long sleepy drive home only to crash out and do it all again the following day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT complaining, but for a guy who has been away from the industry so long it’s been a little hard. I’m tired, but it’s a happy contented kind of tired. Working on “The Middle” is like having a second family, and to top it off, we all get along pretty good! That’s the BRILL thing about being dropped into a series that’s STILL rather new, by the time I got there, it was allready a well oiled machine. All in all, it’s been pretty neat!
I’m still doing “The Neverhood Show” at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ethantudorw, and have had some GREAT guest’s on….Dean Cameron, Grant Goodeve, Kim Darby, and Patrick Labroteaux, in a few days I get to interview a former fellow castmate from “The Facts Of Life”, Mindy Cohn. I’m excited about this show as Mindy and I have not seen each other in at least 15 years. So everything’s good in the Neverhood.
I have made some new friends as well, and as anyone who has re-located to L.A. will tell you, making “Friends” here in LALA Land can be a bit tricky. It’s a dog eat dog industry, so I tend to be a little wary. One of my NEW best friend’s, George Newberry, (Author of “The Devil’s Reign”) attended my recent birthday party, and a couple of weeks later, he invited us to his beautiful home for a classic cocktail/ Birthday party. There Yoli and I met some WONDERFUL people. REAL people, who also happen to be in this business we call “Show”. Everyone had a GREAT time. It was more “Social” than “Industry”, so I had a great time learning about the people I was meeting, talking, and frankly, it was very refreshing. I enjoyed every single person there, I can’t wait for the next one.
On a more personal level, Yoli and I have finally got everything unpacked at our new place. We’re settled, the cat’s (Colby Jack Cheese, AKA “Cat-Pig”, & Tara) have also decided this is a pretty good home. While it may just be a 1 Bedroom Apartment, we are only a mile from the beach and everything we could ever want is within walking distance. I like to do business locally, and have enjoyed getting to know people at Albertsons, the pet clinic (Where we now take the cats) and other small business’s in the area. Beach people are funny. We stop to chat, wave at each other when we meet, and we smile a LOT! Maybe it’s the fresh ocean air, I don’t know, but it’s been a grand adventure thus far!
Yoli and I are very happy together. We have only been married since last October but I doubt the honeymoon will ever end. We learn more and more about each other everyday, even after living together for over 4 years. I consider myself blessed to have not ONLY a wife, but my best friend in the same package. What a lucky bloke am I!
So things are good, and will get even better. The hard work of being on a series, the radio show, and just life in general is keeping the both of us very busy. But we’re blessed by our NEW friend’s as well as our old friend’s and family. I hope that you are as happy and blessed as we are. We’re not at the bottom, and still a long way from the top, but maybe in “The Middle” is a good place to be!
-Ethan Tudor W.Actor/Host of “The Neverhood Show” http://www.blogtalkradio.comAlso follow us on Twitter, MySpace, and FaceBook.”The Middle” airs on ABC, Wednesday night’s at 8pm (PST)

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Voice Talent, and where it comes from. New at The NeverHood Show!

Hey everyone, it’s about midnight on Thursday September 23rd. Talk about a long day! We (The team at The NeverHood Show) took on the task of seeking out some NEW UNIQUE sounds and voices for the broadcast. As an Actor myself, I should have known it would not be easy.

About 9am (PST) the post went up on “CL” (Which, personally, I would never use) But Yolanda, the Programming Director said that was what we were going to do, so I guess that was that. At about 9:15am, the E-Mail’s started pouring in from ALL OVER THE PLACE. (We had said in the post that we are based in Redondo Beach/Los Angeles, but that didn’t matter) They came in from Canada, England, Montana, Florida, It was for a simple VOICE OVER GIG..a recording that will play in every episode of the show now that the Re-Vamp and Up-Graded Format is in place. It also said in bold, THIS IS NOT A PAID JOB.

Yet hundreds STILL sent reels, audio samples, links and hopeful wishes. FROM EVERYWHERE.

I hate to keep people waiting, we answered every E-Mail by hand (Because I hate that automated shit some people use!) and archived EVERY submission, Name, Telephone Number and Reel/Demo, after all, that’s what I would hope someone would do with mine.

In the end, frankly, it was really hard. It’s easy to say YES but much harder to say NO, and there always tend to be more NO’s Then Yes’s. I have been rejected so many times, I guess in a way, I wish I could hire EVERYONE. Two were chosen, Matt Howell, who we welcome into the NeverHood Family as our LEAD Announcer/MC.

Also we wish to thank Allie Bethea into the fold as our Segue/New Segment “Voice”.

You all are going to LOVE them both, and it’s going to bring a NEW fresh and UNIQUE sound to the NeverHood, Thanks Matt and Allie, we look forward to a GREAT season. It’s an all NEW NeverHood Folks.

Sadly, there were so many that applied. Some were FAB, others not so Fab…as a special mention, I would like to thank Alex Querna, a GREAT Voice Over Artist, and his E-Mail address is alex@alexquerna.com, he’s got a sound folks….if you need a talented artist, he’s damm good! Also I would like to thank Kevin Mackley, kevin@mycompanychannel.com, you PROVED to us that You Tube is MORE than just junk, there is some REAL talent out there. Also, Mr. Jerry Levinson, a WELL RESPECTED Voice Over Artist, and Andrew Danish….geeze man, so much Talent, call THIS guy, visit his web site at Andrewdanish.com.

There are so many more, but THESE folks, under pressure, got a reel to us QUICK and more than that, they COMMUNICATED the spirit of what we are doing here at the show.

It’s a hard act to follow,

You never know where the talent will come from, in THIS case, we posted a request to CraigsList for Los Angeles, and ended up with the BEST in Montana, and the FINEST from NYC!

I guess the “BackYard” is a little bigger these days, perhaps, if we all “Cast Our Net’s” a little further, we might get over that “Block” in our heads, as well as the block we live on.

-Ethan Tudor W.

Actor/Host “The NeverHood Show” at Blog Talk Radio

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Funny how things take on a life of their own…

Hey everyone,
It’s a funny thing how things done on the web can sort of take on a life all their own. If your a blogger, podcaster, or even have a web site that you update on a regular basis, you already know this. I’m up to Episode #16 of “The NeverHood” Show, frankly I never thought people would give it too much of a listen. But the outpouring of support has really touched me. I started out, opened my account at Blog Talk Radio on Christmas Eve of last year. It has been a REAL learning curve but I have been in good company. Wil Wheatons show, “Radio Free Burrito” was what turned me on to podcasting in the first place. Like Wil, I TOO was raised in Los Angeles to the tunes of Dr. Demento, and Wolfman Jack howling in the L.A. Night. I wanted to be like these guys. Since I have started, I have had some GREAT guests on, Patrick Labroteaux, Meeno Peluce, James Best, Mark Lester, Pauly Shore and even Davy Jones. Getting guests to come on has always been pretty easy and everyone has been REAL nice. But in a few months, “The NeverHood” Show will be one year old. People have started to call me to talk about their projects, passions, and sometimes just shoot the shit LIVE on the air. The show has grown, and I along with it. It’s getting smoother, the format is comfortable now. Not to say it will not CHANGE, but I feel like this is where it’s going to grow beyond me. That makes me both happy & sad on different levels. Happy that the show is such a success, yet sad that maybe one day it just may fly away from me all together. I’ll always host the show, as long as I’m having fun and it’s moving forward and giving some entertainment to the masses it’s worth doing. I will continue to get better. I encourage people to try NEW things. I never in my entire LIFE thought I would run an on-line radio show, let alone get to meet some of the truly generous people I have met so far. It’s been a wild ride, but it would not be what it is without the support of the guests, AND listeners. Thank You folks, I REALLY am having the time of my life! -Ethan Tudor W.

Vintage Radio

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WootStock, Comic-Con, and my Best Friend.

I’m sure you all have friends. If your lucky, you might be able to count on one hand the amount of REAL friends you have. I have ONE, (well…..besides my Fiance’ Yolanda),

w00tstock is BETTER with FRIENDS!

that’s extra special to me. I’m sure you know the kind of friend I’m talking about. This is the friend that let’s you rant on the phone even when you are totally in the wrong..this is the kind of friend that you know SO well, that you seem to call each other at the same time. He’s also the kind of guy you can drink a beer with and cry in it later…he doesn’t care, hell, he’ll even pour you another one! Friends like that are hard to come by.

If you don’t know this kind of friend I feel sorry for you.
I met my friend in College over 20 years ago, we have both had a couple of live in girlfriends, a couple of GREAT jobs, a couple of not so great jobs, and then even WORSE live in girlfriends, but we’re still best friends.
Our paths took a couple of different ways over the past few years, we have both grown, gotten a little older, hopefully a little wiser. I’m going to get to see my friend in a couple of days. It’s been a few years, and while things have changed in some ways, a little more grey here, a little more paunch there, I’m really looking forward to seeing my Budskie. We are both pretty imperfect, but that’s just how it is sometimes.
I’m going to W00tStock in San Diego California on Thursday, covering it and the madness of Comic-Con for my “NeverHood Show”, and it REALLY seems like my trip could not be any better. I’m happy, I’m healthy, I get to introduce my friend to my Fiance’, and we all get to attend this venue we have been looking forward to all summer long.
And my Budskie’s going to be a part of it!
All bullshit aside, if YOU have a “Budskie”…call ’em up, say hello. Life is a lot better when you share it with others.
And even MORE fun to share it with your Budskie!

-Ethan Tudor W.
Actor/Host “The NeverHood Show” http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ethantudorw
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Pioneer Chicken, The Resturant is alive, the Memories DEAD!

Ahhh...the flavor used to be FAB!

When I first moved back to Los Angeles, I had decided that I was going to visit an ‘ole friend. PIONEER CHICKEN!

Pioneer Chicken held some great memories for me. I can remember my parents bundling me into the station wagon to go to the drive in. It was almost always some adult film like “All The Presidents Men”, but there were always the Pink Panther cartoons to look forward to, the swings down by the big movie screen, and of course….Pioneer Chicken.

Pioneeer Chicken went everywhere with us. The Drive In, Grunion hunting in Long Beach, Camping, and even Disneyland. Yea, we were ‘ole friend’s. I liked the fat little chuck wagon guy on the bucket and the way the entire car would smell as we were on our way to some fun destination. Good memories.

The other day I had decided to re-live that memory and looked them up on the internets. I was sad to find that they had basically gone out of business. BUT…I was surprised to find there was ONE lonely Pioneer Chicken located in Downy California! I was excited, and Yoli and I drove over right away. On the way we talked about our personal memories of this classic chicken place, and even decided on Coleslaw to boot! Passing by KFC’s and Popeye’s we lamented on how Pioneer was a much superior product.

Imagine my dismay when I entered the parking lot under that big sign and found no one there. The restaurant’s lights were on, but no one was inside. For a moment we even wondered if they were open. We wandered into the desolate lobby and was greeted by a young Latino man, he barely noticed we were there. We looked over the menu like a dog looks over a bone, we finally decided on a bucket and some sides.

“Oh I’m sorry,” says the young man,”the dining room is closed”…we look at each other, “That does not matter, we’ll take it to go!” We smile, knowing in just a few moments we will be enjoying the chicken we had made a special trip for.

We order a bucket, I ask for legs….

“I’m sorry sir, but we are out of legs”…he talks back to some unseen person in the back…

“Ok”..I smile..”Let’s just get some thighs and wings”!

“Umm…we have a few wings” The unseen voice from the back mumbles something about the legs being old and that they don’t have much chicken left, it was pretty clear he was ready to take home any left over chicken for himself…

We started to feel uneasy, and frankly a little pissed off…”OK I say, we’ll just take a bucket of whatever you have!” The young man rings us up, “That will be $19.59″….Ahhhhh a small price for chicken PERFECTION even if it WAS old and had been sitting there all day, I whip out the credit card. I have the bucket in my sights, soon it will be MINE!

“Umm, we only accept cash!”

Needless to say we left without our chicken, and as the young man followed us out and locked the door behind us (Early according to there posted sign), he locked away a memory forever. Now we knew why there had been no one in there, why the parking lot was empty, we understood why Pioneer Chicken now only had one lonely location in the armpit of Downey California. Horrible customer service. The experience was ruined for me, I will never go back, I would rather have a happy memory from a happier time, than a recent memory of a place I am sure will become nothing more than a memory soon.

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